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Immobilien- und Wirtschaftsrecht sowie Verwaltungs- und Europarecht.

Rechtsanwältin Dr. Heike Schmieder

Rechtsanwalt Diethard Schütze

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Jens Wolfram

Rechtsanwältin Dr. Katja Klinkhardt, LL.M.

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Legal services

“You have to know the laws of nature to be able to make best use of them. Even if you don’t know them, they are still in force. The same is true for the laws of the legal system.”

Areas of focus

In all the specialized areas we handle, we offer our clients comprehensive services as legal advisors and in the provision of court services, including legal representation.

We represent your legal interests before the courts and government agencies just as we do in the business sector.

We offer our services in working out and evaluating contracts as well as in preparing legal assessments on certain legal issues concerning your activities.

Our areas of specialization

  • Real estate law and German Condominium Act (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz, WEG)
  • Private building law
  • Trade and company/partnership law
  • Private commercial law
  • Public building law (construction planning and building code law)
  • Energy and environmental law
  • Industrial law and other economic administration law
  • Municipal and revenue law
  • Government liability law
  • European commercial law