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Notarin Dr. Heike Schmieder

Notar Diethard Schütze

Notarin Dr. Katja Klinkhardt, LL.M.

Beratung, Beurkundungen und Beglaubigungen in allen Rechtsangelegenheiten in deutscher und englischer Sprache.

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Notarial Services

“A case you successfully anticipate and avoid cannot be lost.”

Areas of focus

In business as well as private matters, notarized deeds and official certification are required on a regular basis. Our notaries public provide individual counseling in all areas of private and industrial property law, company law, including company transformation law, succession planning, and marriage and family law. 

Electronic access to the registry offices and trade registers of all German states makes it possible to act on your behalf throughout Germany. We also do official recordings/authentication/notarization of documents in English.

In addition to certification and authentication, we evaluate contract drafts and prepare legal reports on them for you. While doing so, as lawyers/notaries public we bring our experience as representatives of clients' interests to bear on our work as independent and neutral holders of public office.

Our services

  • Real estate contracts (sale, giving as a gift, usufruct, etc.)
  • Setting up co-ownership as well as sale and purchase of condominiums, especially construction-funding transactions
  • Setting up property funds and real estate leasing
  • Creation of easements and real estate liens
  • Obtaining and selling of hereditary building rights
  • Sale and purchase, restructuring and transformation of companies
  • Setting up of corporations (company limited by shares), amendments to the articles of incorporation and capital-related measures
  • Transfer of shares
  • Setting up company succession
  • Entry in companies registers
  • Association and foundation matters
  • Marriage and partnership contracts
  • Adoption negotiations
  • Divorce settlements
  • Wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Applications for a certificate of inheritance and renouncements of inheritance
  • Distribution of estates
  • Healthcarepowers of attorney and living wills
  • Certification of identity and representation certificates
  • Official certification