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Law partnership

Our law partnership was founded in 2004 by Diethard Schütze, lawyer and notary public, and Heike Schmieder, lawyer and notary public. In 2015 Dr. Jens Wolfram became the third-named partner. In 2022, Dr. Katja Klinkhardt, LL.M. lawyer and notary public, joined the firm as a further partner.

Areas of focus

As a law firm specializing in real estate and commercial law, as well as administrative and European law, we advise companies and local authorities in notarial and legal matters. Our team consists of experienced lawyers and notaries public with deep understanding of financial thought and action. In specialized areas, we consult with experts in order to ensure that clients receive coordinated advice from a single source.

Avoiding disputes through legally sound contracts is our primary goal. If a legal dispute cannot be avoided, we provide support just as resolutely before the courts and local authorities and in arbitration proceedings.

Prompt and uncomplicated settlement of your legal matters goes without saying at our firm.

Our goal

You need a personally tailored solution to your problem. This is the starting point and standard on which we found the work we do on your behalf. Our extraordinary knowledge in handling legal matters and full commitment are our main strengths.

Our primary goal is guaranteeing qualified, effective and cost-effective support to our clients in a personal and trusting atmosphere.

Our shared success is based on creatively combining rigorous standards with regard to our specialized legal practice areas and personal commitment to our clients and parties to deeds.